Wound healing by liquorice? Esther Hoste (VIB - UGent) featured in press

Our latest Science Figured Out-video starring skin biologist Esther Hoste (VIB - UGent) on the potential of liquorice for wound healing was picked up by Radio 1, Radio 2 and VRT NWS.

Liquorice: you love it or you hate it. But did you know that liquorice candy might well contain an ingredient that could help cure wounds? Esther Hoste (Universiteit Gent - VIB) investigates whether an active compound found in the root of the liquorice plant can heal diabetic wounds. 


Esther was interviewed by several media: 

Radio 1 - Listen to her interview in "Nieuwe Feiten"

Radio 2 - Listen to her interview in the Radio 2 News

VRT NWS - Read the article here