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SciMingo launches a science communication academy for enthusiastic researchers who want to learn how to share their research as a comprehensible and compelling story. In the first stage, we will focus on writing, infographics, video, and podcast.

Would you like to share your research with people outside your field, but don't know how to start? Or do you already have some experience in science communication, but would like to pursue this further? We at SciMingo would like to guide you in this. That's why we are organizing a Science Communication Academy to teach researchers how to communicate clearly about their research.  

You can subscribe for 4 training courses, namely:

  • Popular writing (in collaboration with Eos): how to turn your research into a clear and attractive article
  • Pitch training (in collaboration with The Floor is Yours): learn how to share your research in a clear and convincing pitch
  • Infographics (in collaboration with Baryon): how to translate complex data into powerful infographics   
  • Podcasting (in collaboration with Joris Van Damme, journalist for a.o. DS Audio): how to transform your research into a captivating podcast

No experience required

The SciComm Academy will be an accessible initiative. You do not need to have any experience in science communication in order to participate. Moreover, we will work with democratic enrolment fees.

Hands-on & result-oriented

The training courses will be intensive tracks. During the practical workshops, you get to work hands-on. Through further individual feedback and follow-up, we help you work towards a tangible result (popular article, infographic, video, podcast), which could be published by our media partners (e.g. Eos).

Looking for inspiration?

You don't have a lot of time, but are looking for inspiration nonetheless? Perhaps you could join our free online lectures, in which experienced science communicators share their tips and tricks. Curator Marjan Doom tells you what art may do for science, filmmaker and biologist Randy Olson teaches you what narrative structures from Hollywood may mean for your research, and linguist and theater maker Ben Verhoeven shows how techniques from improvisation theater may enhance your scientific lectures.

Stay tuned for more news! Would you like to stay informed about the plans for the SciComm Academy? 

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